Audio and video translation

In addition to high quality translation and interpretation services and translate english to french, our translation agency also provides audio and video translation services (a combination of interpretation and translation). This type of service is relatively new and quite in demand in various spheres of society, including the film industry, education and advertising. Our specialists […]

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Facebook and Twitter are the culprits of tongue-tied

According to a national survey of young Thai youth, four out of ten believe that the “correct” Thai language should be used exclusively in official speech. Facebook and Twitte r reduce the language skills of Thai students. The Ministry of Culture calls on everyone to return to the lost tradition of writing ordinary letters. A […]

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The Role of Acronyms in Modern English

Recently, eReflect, a software company specializing in writing, reading, typing and more, discussed the challenge of 21st century language proficiency with Erin Jensen, founder of, which tracks and displays interactions between language and technology and researches the issue of mutual formation of language and technologies. Her website features the largest number of online acronyms […]

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A qualified translation never hurts!

While advances in science and technology continue to close the distance between widely spaced geographic areas, governments, companies and individuals from vastly different cultures will intensify their joint search for more concerted action and effective collaboration. The far-reaching consequences of this development of events further emphasize the need for a particularly sensitive understanding of other […]

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