Audio and video translation

In addition to high quality translation and interpretation services and translate english to french, our translation agency also provides audio and video translation services (a combination of interpretation and translation). This type of service is relatively new and quite in demand in various spheres of society, including the film industry, education and advertising.

Our specialists provide high quality localization and translation services for various multimedia formats, including presentations, videos, films, audio recordings and more.

We work closely with our clients to determine the most efficient way to adapt materials to specific requirements and target market, before embarking on the translation business itself. This process combines important aspects such as feedback, feedback and customer approval.

Often, our clients supervise the audio recording process to ensure the correct accent, mix of music and sound effects, volume and vocal quality. Since the version of the material in the corresponding foreign language must be equivalent to the original in all aspects.

Let me introduce you in more detail to the specifics of our work. First, it should be noted that translation of audio and video materials has two separate components, namely translation and recording. Reading a translated audio material aloud affects various factors such as speech level, vocabulary, punctuation, sentence length, and so on.

In the case of translation of video material, the duration of the narration in the translation must correspond to the time of the narration in the original. Therefore, the translation must be carefully calculated from the very beginning. Before you can record a voiceover that matches a speaker’s lip-synching on a video, or make subtitles, you should first translate the original script well. Once the client approves the translation of the script, the recording process begins.