Pinyin – Chinese transcription

Pinyin (pīnyīn) is the official phonetic system used to record the reading of Chinese characters and telugu to english. She uses Latin letters, so mastering her will not be a problem. This must be done first of all. Pinyin will help you figure out what sounds are generally used in Chinese and how to pronounce them correctly. This is the most fundamental skill for mastering a language.

Master the theory first. In Chinese, it is customary to divide sounds not into consonants and vowels, but into initials and finals. The initial is the sound with which the syllable begins, the final is the sound with which it ends. There are 21 initials and 34 finals in Chinese. In total, they give about 400 combinations. In addition, in pinyin, many characters are read differently than we are used to. Especially difficult for beginners is zh, ch, j.

Once you master pinyin, you can type in Chinese on your computer. This is done very simply – enter the reading of the character in Latin, and then select the one you need from the list that appears (many characters have the same reading). So once you learn Pinyin, you can use the dictionary and even communicate with Chinese.